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I still ship, more or less twice a week from Germany. I will always have a look for the best postage deal for you; here in The Netherlands or Germany.

0. Fees.
Right! Nobody likes fees of any kind, certainly not when it ends up in the coffers of some financial institution. So if you trust me enough not to rip you off, especially all my long serving customers, I'd like to ask you to choose 'send money to friend' option in paypal. I don't pay anything to paypal, which is nice. It no longer shows your address, so make sure to send me an e-mail with your most current address.
And of course Discogs; now if you see something over there that you’d like to order, you could order through Discogs. Better is to send me an e-mail and order it from me. I like Discogs, I understand they need to earn a buck too, but I’d like an extra buck too.

Shipping small parcels to the USA, Canada and Australia is still NOT possible from Germany. Two months now. I can ship from The Netherlands for 10 euros up to 350 gram, or 23 up 350 gram-2 kilo.

1. forthcoming concerts:

August 8: Modelbau at De Refter in Ubbergen, next to Nijmegen. if, of course, that isn’t cancelled by then.

2. The latest releases...:

Two weeks ago I finally published ‘Vital - The Complete Collection’, a 580 pages, hardcover book. I sold some copies already and if you follow me on social media you already know this. Full blurb here:

The price is 20 euros, excluding postage. Due to the weight, postage is not cheap! 6 euros for Netherlands and Germany, 10 for most (but not all EU countries, 23 outside Europe, with that corona surcharge. Small parcels are still not possible with German mail to the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia; I’m sorry about that.

also, combine Vital with the book below, and no extra postage is needed. Plus a discount, so you get that for 6 euros only.

Frans de Waard - Everything But The Reviews
book, hardcover, 90 pages

Finally out now this totally self-indulgent project. This book contains liner notes for Roel Meelkop, THU20, John Cage 4’33 CD, If Bwana, Stillupsteypa, Trax Records, Rising From The Red Sand, Vice, press texts for Muslimgauze and Autopsia, tour diary Kapotte Muziek 1993 and 2001, texts about Noise Makers Fifes, Jason Zeh, Andy Ortman, essays about ambient music, electronics music, favourite music, cassette revival, Enno Velthuys, reviewing, Bjerga/Iversen, obituaries for Koji Tano, Christian Nijs, Geert Feytons, John Watermann. And one review, Peter Hook’s book on New Order.

price: 9 euros excluding

There will be a Modelbau split tape with Pit horse doom orchestra on Grubenwehr Freiburg, but I will have very few copies to sell, all spoken for. check out
in some days, a week (not yet online, I think)

to be released somewhere in the near to a bit further away future:

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard LP
Modelbau - Vanity cassette by Astipalea
Frans de Waard & Martijn Comes - Various Weights CD (Moving Furniture Records) (April 2020)
Richard Francis & Frans de Waard cassette for The Tapeworm (September 2020)
Tech Riders - For Eternity (cassette cassette for Eh?)
Tech Riders for Aphelion
Quest - (an) Exterior CD/cassette for Infraction Records
WaSm - Twee LP (Mikroton, 2021)
Miguel A. Garcia & Frans de Waard  cassette for Steep Gloss  (July 2020)
Beequeen - Winter LP by A Colourful Storm
Modelbau - Within Without cassette by Falt
Modelbau & MVK cassette by Invisible City Records (July 2020)

Labels wanted!

Modelbau/Orphax split
Pick-up - Einder (final recordings from 2010)
WaSm Three CD
Kozo Inada/Frans de Waard CD

3. Digital Music - keep checking for new titles (on some of them I keep adding new music as well as backcatalogue!)

Modelbau has it’s own Bandcamp page. In 2020 I will post a monthly free album, on the day that corresponds with the number of the month; next on 0404. I may use it for other Modelbau releases too.

4.  and finally, this months items:

14843    Antibodies    Can You Ear Me?    3    Steepgloss    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14837    Arrias & Davies & Ullen    Crystalline    6    Ausculto Fonogram    CD    Experimental    vg   

14852    Carlas & Mylo Cywitz, Maria    same    5    Toztozok Zounds    USB    Experimental    New   

14833    Coniglio, Enrico    Teredo Navalis    6    Gruenrekorder    CD    Experimental    vg   

14831    Flaherty & Randall Colbourne & James Chumley Hunt, Paul    Dead Centipedes    4   
Econore    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14840    Geordie Approach, The    Shields    6    Discus Music    CD    Experimental    vg   

14850    Guybrush    Something Extremely Light    3    Esc Rec    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14854    Haarvol    Ridge Of Humming Spoils    6    Moving Furniture    CD    Experimental    New   

14849    Havadine    Fever Demorian Aphasia International    3    Anathema Archive    Cassette   
Experimental    vg   

14848    Helms, Jan Kees    Raw#01    3    Lor Teeps    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14839    Henry & Ensemble SuperMusique, Symon    Voir Dans Le Vent    6    Dame    CD    Experimental    New   

14838    Hetu & Castor Et Compangnie, Joane    Si Tu La Veux    6    Dame    CD    Experimental    vg   

14856    K, Gintas    Portraitzine    6    Portraitzine    "7"""    Experimental    vg    with fanzine/book 122/150

14853    Konstantonidou, Fani    Winter Trilogy/The Big Fall    6    Moving Furniture    CD    Experimental    New   

14835    Lagowski    Secrets Of Numbers    6    Zoharum    CD    Experimental    vg   

14842    Like The Snow    same    6    Silentes    CD    Experimental    vg   

14832    Machinefabriek    Amalgaam    6    Zoharum    CD    Experimental    vg   

14846    O///O    Vanguard Youth    3    Strategoc Tape Rerserve    Cassette    Experimental    New   

14830    Offthesky & The Humble Bee    We Were The Hum Of Dreams    6    Laaps    CD    Experimental    vg   

14841    Quatour Bozzini    Short Stories    6    Dame    CD    Experimental    vg   

14855    Schaufelberger, Philipp    Bonn    6    Wide ear Records    LP    Experimental    vg   

14847    Sihtx    Ik’Svigt Mig Mer’    3    private    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14851    Summer Kagan    same    3    Expert Sleepers    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14834    Various Artists    Next City Sounds: Interface    6    Gruenrekorder    CD    Experimental    New   

14845    Various Artists    Electrolarynx    3    Steepgloss    Cassette    Experimental    New   

14844    Wether    Heir Bud    3    Strategoc Tape Rerserve    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14836    Yersjova, Angelina    Piano Mirage    4    Twin Paradox    CDR    Experimental    vg   

5. A message from your sponsors

This going to Germany is made possible by two nice gentleman, who drive over with my goodself and your orders. It’s time to support them!

One is Phil from The Legendary Pink Dots I guess no introduction is needed.

The other is Alfred Boland, who has three different Discogs accounts, where you can shop!
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