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1. forthcoming concerts:

none forthcoming - still nothing. odd? sure!

2. The latest releases...:

Modelbau - Ypsilon double CDR/c90 cassette Zhelezobeton

Both in an edition of 49 copies. I have no more copies of the cassette version for sale

price of the 2CDR: 9 euros

Modelbau - Single Sound Works (3 cassettes)

A private release. I made 18 copies, kept one, sold 16 and have 1 left. six minimal pieces based on processing a single sound source. Each copy made with personal dedication to the buyer.

price: 19 euros

It might very well be possible that November will see the release of ‘Onder/stroom’, the LP I did with Peter Johan Nijland and Richard Youngs. I have no idea how many copies I will get but perhaps reserving one is a wise thing!

to be released somewhere in the near to a bit further away future:

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard LP
Frans de Waard - (writing about) music (1989-2014) (book)
Vital 1-44 (book with reprints of all issues of Vital, 1986-1995; expected early 2018)
Wander flexidisc by Pythagoras Records may not happen sadly enough
Modelbau/Orphax split (2018)
Asmus Tietchens & Frans de Waard - Oordeel (CD, Auf Abwegen, 2019)
Peter Johan Nijland & Richard Youngs & Frans de Waard - Onder/Stroom LP December 2018 Moving Furniture Records
Modelbau - Wavelength cassette by Chaotic Tapes
Modelbau - Vanity cassette by Astipalea
Modelbau - Kick The Can CDR by Stront
Quest - (an) Exterior CD for Infraction Records 2019
QST - tba CD for Carpe Sonum Records 2019
Modelbau - Offen cassette by Barreuh Records
Modelbau - The Invaders (cassette by Hemisphare nokukyo (2019)
Modelbau - The Lateness Of The Hour (cassette by Audio Visual Atmosphere (2019)
Modelbau - Back There (cassette for Trapdoor)
Modelbau - A Hundred Yards (CDR for Econore)
Modelbau cassette for Cloudchamber
Quest - (A) Quarter miniCDR for Taalem

Two new Quest CDs are now finished, if anybody who has a label is interested, then now is the time to get in contact
Richard Francis & Frans de Waard LP or CD
Z'EV 7" mixed Peter Johan Nijland of Distel and Frans de Waard. Recordings made in December 2014 at Extrapool
Miguel A. Garcia & Frans de Waard finished a collaborative work that spans 2 CDs/CDRs

3. Digital Music - keep checking for new titles (on some of them I keep adding new music as well as backcatalogue!)

new compilation with a new Quest piece, among many others:

4.  and finally, this months items:

14137    Alvear & Makoto Oshiro & Horoyuki Ura, Cristian    La Perpetuidad Del Esbozo #3    6    Inexhaustible Editions    CD    Experimental    vg   

14138    Bastard, Theodor    Bossonova Trip    5    Zhelezobeton    CD    Experimental    vg   

14164    Bernardo, Sa    Cp°    3    Urubu Tapes    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14160    Blank Holidays, The    Let’s Break Things    3    Strategic Tape Reserve    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14135    Bras, Wilhelm    Living TruthfullyUnder Imaginary Circumstances    6    Attitudes    LP    Experimental    vg   

14157    Cinema Perdu    Fragments Of Echoes    3    Audio Visuals Atmosphere    Cassette    Experimental    vg   
14165    Damas Prospect    Exode    3    Urubu Tapes    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14172    Doc Wor Mirran    Live At Madison Square Garden    6    Mirran Threat    LP    Experimental    vg   

14146    Dramavinile    Silfra    4,5    Eilean Records    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14151    Expose Your Eyes    Brain Pan    3    Aphellion    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14150    Faber, Will    Folded Hills    4    private    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14145    Hand & Glauber K.S., T.R.    Suburban Solitude    4    he Submarine Broadcasting    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14171    Hoopen, Jorn Ten    I Still Think Of You    6    private    LP    Experimental    vg   

14163    Icumdrums    Castle    3    private    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14136    Kleistwahr    Acceptance Is Not Respect    6    Fourth Dimension    CD    Experimental    vg   

14139    KTT/Vomir    Espace    6    Zora    CD    Experimental    vg   

14158    Larmschutz    Wood & Tin II    3    Faux Amis    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14159    Larmschutz    Playground    3    Faux Amis    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14154    Late    Color Drained    3    Amek    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14152    Latorre & Edu Comelles, Isabel    For Pauline    3    Cronica Electronica    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14161    Leitmotiv/RNPNO.2    split    3    Hyster Tapes    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14142    Mikeal Tjernberg, Daniel &    Flight of The Raven    4    Venus aeon    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14143    Mikeal Tjernberg, Daniel &    Anton    4    Waerloga    CD    Experimental    New   

14168    Monokultur    same    5    Il Disci Del Barone    "7"""    Experimental    vg   

14144    Morris, Jeff    Interfaces    6    Ravello Records    CD    Experimental    New    sealed

14169    Mudguards, (The)    On Guard    6    Horn Of Plenty    LP    Experimental    vg   

14155    Nelegat    Intolerance    3    Amek    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14153    Omori    Isomorphism/Transparancy    3    Amek    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14149    {Owt Kri]    Ximenes    4    private    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14156    Savy, Pascal    Colour Fields    3    Audio Visuals Atmosphere    Cassette    Experimental    vg   
14162    Sol & Stuart Chalmers, Edward    Syncopated Soundmirror    3    Ikuisuus    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14167    Story Teller    1    3    Adaadat    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14140    Sturqen    Survivalismo    6    Kvitnu    CD    Experimental    New   

14173    Sugimoto & Minami Saeki, Taku    Songs    7    Ftarri    2CD    Experimental    vg   

14147    Toro, Leigh    The Eternal Navigation    4,5    Eilean Records    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14170    Tyfus, Dennis    My Niece’s Pierced Knees    4    Ultra Eczema    Postcard record    Experimental    vg   

14148    VelgeNaturlig    Kundalini    6    Winter-light    CD    Experimental    vg   

14166    Zarabata/Lucifer’s Ensemble    split    3    Urubu Tapes    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14141    Zavoloka    Promeni    6    Kvitnu    CD    Experimental    New   

5. A message from your sponsors

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