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0. Fees.
Right! Nobody likes fees of any kind, certainly not when it ends up in the coffers of some financial institution. So if you trust me enough not to rip you off, especially all my long serving customers, I'd like to ask you to choose 'send money to friend' option in paypal. I don't pay anything to paypal, which is nice. It no longer shows your address, so make sure to send me an e-mail with your most current address.
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1. forthcoming concerts:

There are plans to play in the UK end of February, early March 2019! Modelbau/Sindre Bjerga/Tech Riders. We are now planning this, still under heavy construction. The next update should have the complete list of dates and places.

January 19 Modelbau at Oude Kerk Charlois, Rotterdam. I will be playing my usual stuff in combination with the church organ. Also playing are Tonus (Dirk Serries and buddies).

April 19 2019 Solo in Berlin
April 20 2019 Ezdanitoff in Berlin

May 5 THU20 at Worm, Rotterdam
May 29 THU20 at Occii, Amsterdam

2. The latest releases...:

‘Onder/stroom’, the LP I did with Peter Johan N˙land and Richard Youngs, should be out soon. The official release date is set for January 19, but maybe I have some copies before that.

to be released somewhere in the near to a bit further away future:

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard LP
Frans de Waard - (writing about) music (1989-2014) (book)
Vital 1-44 (book with reprints of all issues of Vital, 1986-1995)
Asmus Tietchens & Frans de Waard - Oordeel (CD, Auf Abwegen, 2019)
Modelbau - Vanity cassette by Astipalea
Modelbau - Kick The Can CDR by Stront
Quest - (an) Exterior CD for Infraction Records 2019
QST - tba CD for Carpe Sonum Records 2019
Modelbau - The Invaders (cassette by Hemisphare nokukyo (2019)
Modelbau - The Lateness Of The Hour (cassette by Audio Visual Atmosphere (2019)
Modelbau - Back There (cassette for Trapdoor)
Modelbau - Wavelength (cassette for Cloudchamber)
Quest - (A) Quarter miniCDR for Taalem
Frans de Waard & Martijn Comes CD

Labels wanted!
Wander recorded a flexidisc for Pythagoras Records may not happen sadly enough. could be a great 7”. we can even do a b-side!
Modelbau/Orphax split
Two new Quest CDs
Richard Francis & Frans de Waard LP or CD
Z'EV 7" mixed Peter Johan N˙land and Frans de Waard. Recordings made in December 2014 at Extrapool
Miguel A. Garcia & Frans de Waard finished a collaborative work that spans 2 CDs/CDRs

3. Digital Music - keep checking for new titles (on some of them I keep adding new music as well as backcatalogue!)

4.  and finally, this months items:

14231    A Home For Ghosts    ... Of A Star, Never Setting    4,5    Eilean Recordings    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14235    Atkins, Matthew    Cryptic System    3,5    Falt    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14228    Bokowiec, Mark    Visitations    4    MPS Music and Video    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14224    Bow Gamelan Ensemble    Great Noises That Fill The Air    6    Cold Spring    CD    Experimental    vg   

14237    Calineczka    The City Behind The Fence    3    Park 70    Cassette    Experimental    New   

14222    Carr, Kate    The Thing Itself And Not The Myth    44,5    Glistening Examples    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14227    Cuts    A Gradual Decline    6    Village Green    CD    Experimental    vg   

14225    Eye Porcelluzzi & Deaf Society, Antonella    The Velocity Of Velocities    5    Opa Loka    CD    Experimental    vg   

14220    Gut, Gudrun    Moment    6    Monika Enterprises    CD    Experimental    vg   

14236    Janas, Anthony    Lucifer, Scooby-Doo & Me    3    Nihilist Recordings    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14233    Keroaan    Pulsars In Rhombus Form    3,5    Nada Recs    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14250    Oooka, Eesuke    Installation Of Video Soundtracks    6    Oversoul    CD    Experimental    vg   

14226    Pan, Stephanie    Have Robot Dog, Will Travel    6    Arteksounds    CD    Experimental    vg   

14238    Rovellsca    Interference    3    Invisible City Records    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14239    Schweben    Sketches Of Plains    3    Otomatiek Muziek    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14223    Tance Snu    Meander    6    Zoharum    CD    Experimental    vg   

14232    Various Artists    Earthen    5    Cold Spring    2CD    Experimental    vg   

14240    Various Artists    Brebus Tapes I    3    Brebus    Cassette    Experimental    New    Alain Ledezma, Flavio Scutti, Alberto Picciau, Ian Battenfield, Matteo Campulla, The
Modern British Slave Trade, Reset

14242    Yvanko    Ptuvoise    5    Le Cabanon Records    "12"""    Experimental    vg   

5. A message from your sponsors

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