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0. Fees.
Right! Nobody likes fees of any kind, certainly not when it ends up in the coffers of some financial institution. So if you trust me enough not to rip you off, especially all my long serving customers, I'd like to ask you to choose 'send money to friend' option in paypal. I don't pay anything to paypal, which is nice. It no longer shows your address, so make sure to send me an e-mail with your most current address.
And of course Discogs; now if you see something over there that you’d like to order, you could order through Discogs. Better is to send me an e-mail and order it from me. I like Discogs, I understand they need to earn a buck too, but I’d like an extra buck too.

1. forthcoming concerts:


2. The latest releases...:

out now:

Modelbau - Arcadia 5” lathe cut record has arrived, in case you were lucky to order one from me. Let me know if I should ship it, or put it on hold for a while.

The same label that did the 5” will do a double CDR in March in an edition of 50 copies. You can help him and me out by ordering it from me; postage from America is sky high, so I am offering copies to be pre-ordered from me. In case you want to hear something

BJ Nilsen, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Frans de Waard - Three Options CD (Some)
is out now!  One, 65 minute piece of music by we collectively did
price: 11 euro

few left of these:

Quest - (A) Quarter
3”CDR for Taalem
Quite the cosmic journey, this 22 minute piece. I have one left of the special digipack (7 euro) this label also makes, plus a few of the regular jewel cases (6 euro)

Modelbau - Travelers (cassette, Park70 records)
Packed in the usual hand printed cover with embossing
7 euro

still available:

The Stone Tapes - Revolutions in the head CD (attentuation Circuit) Edward Kaspel, Philip Knight, dAs, Ninah Pixie and Frans de Waard
price: 13 euros

Bass Communion & Freiband - VL Tones (3CD, Tonefloat)
Price: 24,99

This Is supposed to be a record label
my book of my time in staalplaat. hot seller. really. who would have thought I would ever use those words?
they are 12,50 including postage a piece, but combined with other stuff the price is 9,50 euros

to be released somewhere in the near to a bit further away future:

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard LP
Frans de Waard - (writing about) music (1989-2014) (book)
Vital 1-44 (book with reprints of all issues of Vital, 1986-1995)
Modelbau - Vanity cassette by Astipalea
Frans de Waard & Martijn Comes - Various Weights CD (Moving Furniture Records) (2020)
Modelbau - The Beginning/The End (double cassette, Humanhood, May 2020)
Z’EV & Frans de Waard & Peter Johan Nijland - cassette for Orphanology
Tech Riders - Of Lost The Ark (cassette, Ikuisuus, 2020)
Richard Francis & Frans de Waard cassette for The Tapeworm
Tech Riders cassette for Eh?
Tech Riders for Aphelion
Tech Riders 3” CDR for Reverb Worship
Quest - (an) Exterior CD/cassette for Infraction Records December 2019
WaSm - Twee CD (Mikroton, 2021)
Modelbau - Unrequited (t-shirt/download, barreuh Records, March 2020)

Labels wanted!

Modelbau/Orphax split
Miguel A. Garcia & Frans de Waard finished a collaborative work that spans 2 CDs/CDRs
Pick-up - Einder (final recordings from 2010)

3. Digital Music - keep checking for new titles (on some of them I keep adding new music as well as backcatalogue!)

Ruisch, new project, free two track EP. Dub meets industrial and more

Kapotte Muziek - Interaction, formerly a double CDR by Lunhare

4.  and finally, this months items:

14714    Akerlund & Eryck Abecassis, Lars    Falls    6    Mikroton    CD    Experimental    vg   
14719    Angst 78    78 Angst    6    Zoharum    CD    Experimental    vg   
14669    Arrias, Johan    Pour Alto Seul    6    Auculto Fonogram    CD    Experimental    vg   
14668    Cantos Deus    Interweaving    6    Z6 Records    CD    Experimental    vg   
14680    Chambel, Pedro    The Uncertain Path Towards Indifference    4    Glistening Example    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14720    Chantler & Steve Noble & Seymur Wright, John    Atlantis    6    1703 Skivbolaget    CD    Experimental    vg   
14696    Column One    Whip Cracking And Death Defying    6    90% Wasser    LP    Experimental    vg   
14717    d’Orlando, Ricardo    Warhead        private    CDR    Experimental    New   
14715    Divided State    Spurious Emissions    4    Edgetone    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14707    +DOG+    Die Robot    4    Love Earth Music    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14706    Dubiny    Vianie Ruta 1982-1988    6    Modernizations 1000hz    CD    Experimental    New   
14718    Fen    No One’s Island    6    Mikroton    CD    Experimental    vg   
14722    Fixtur Externe    Ready-Made    4    Unsigned    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14713    Forcucci, Luca    Bodyscape    4    Glistening Examples    CDR    Experimental    vg    
14670    Hamilton, Sean    Table For One    4    pfMentum    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14681    Hostage Pageant/The Cherry Point/Kazuma Kubota    same    6    Cypher    CD    Experimental    vg   
14703    Intensive Studies    Perfectly (ab) normal    4    Love Earth Music    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14705    Katawa Singers    Ufulu 1991-1997    6    Modernizations 1000hz    CD    Experimental    vg   
14678    Metech & Wojtek Kurek, Piotr    Split Here    6    Antena Non Grata    CD    Experimental    vg   
14731    Meyer Huthwelker    Neuro/BP    3    Otomatik Muziek    Cassette    Experimental    vg   
14727    Mirande, Christian    My Friend Went Tio heaven    3    Anathema Archive    Cassette    Experimental    vg   
14712    Mulo Muto/ Arcade    Endurance    6    Endtitles    CD    Experimental    vg   
14667    Nieto, Mikel R.    A Soft Hiss Of This World    9    Gruenrekorder    Flexi + Book    Experimental    vg   
14709    Oymoz    Breed    6    Everest Records    CD    Experimental    vg   
14729    Poulsen & Stuart Chalmers, Claus    Fictions In The Age Of Reason    3    Aphelion Editions    Cassette    Experimental    vg   
14665    Schaufelberger & Christian Wolfarth, Philipp    Discover Anthrolpology    7    Wide ear Records    LP    Experimental    vg   
14694    Sextonmings Porridge/Cromlech Shadow    split    4    Coma Kultur    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14676    Simonis & Lukas Palacky, Lukas    Smet Het Bewerf Left    6    Z6 Records    CD    Experimental    vg   
14701    Test Card    Music For The Towers    4    Sound In Silence    CDR    Experimental    vg   
14677    Valentine, Gunther    Advice From The Road    4        CDR    Experimental    vg   
14708    Various Artists    Note Lithuania: EXperimental/Electronic 2019    6    MiC    CD    Experimental    vg    with: Veliu Namai, Patris Zidelevicius, Skeldos, Daina Dieva, Distorted Noise Architect, Nulis:S:S:S,  Tiese, Unit 7, Fume, Phil Von, Nortas, Raguvos and Avidja/Devita
14711    Various Artists    Segmod    6    Dumpf    CD    Experimental    vg    with: David Pocknee, Lula Romero, Veronika Klaus, Ji Youn Kang, Yota Morimoto, Martin Lorenz, Artemi-Maria Gioti, Jliat, Casper Schipper, Miriam Akkermann, Hanns Holger Rutz, Demian Jakob, Hadas Pe’ery, Luc Döbereiner, Volker Straebel, David Pirrò
14721    Various Artists    Escupemtralla    remix  5    Novak    2CDR    Experimental    vgw with Macromassa, Jet7, Tecib, Rapoon, Javier Hernando, Anki Toner, Alxsnjrjo, Delusions, Red Kite, Bob Lanzas, Esplendor Geométrico, Permutation, Loppkio, Geométrico Aviado, Mauri, Lrad, Mandivula, Javier Piñango, Ô Paradis, Wilder Gonzales Agreda, Wdr (Jm Soler & Sofía Bertomeu), Sedcontra
14730    Various Artists    Vanishing Standards    3    Amek Tapes    Cassette    Experimental    vg    with: ate & Randomorb, Nocktern, Zhe Pechorin, Phlp., Maxim Anokhin & Ivan Shopov, Valance Drakes & Mytrip, Environments, Ergomope, NIANDRAZ, Vague Voices, Crosspolar & Mytrip, LATE, Yuzu, V-Stók & Nicola Serra and krāllār
14690    Velickovic & Anton Mobin, Jasna    Last Of The Three    3    Esc Rec    Cassette    Experimental    vg   
14716    Viisi Kirjainta    Life    4    Glistening Examples    CDR    Experimental    vg  
14702    worriedaboutsatan    Crystalline    4    Sound In Silence    CDR    Experimental    vg   

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