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It's Black Friday and Korm Plastics joins the evil market forces of free trade with a Discount action.

Its 20% off on all Discogs items. Not on items on this list or my latest releases. Hell no. I am not that cheap. Check my Discogs account, and check those three from Alfred. Read about it here
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1. forthcoming concerts:


2. The latest releases...:

out now:

The Stone Tapes - Revolutions in the head CD (attentuation Circuit) Edward Kaspel, Philip Knight, dAs, Ninah Pixie and Frans de Waard
This CD , announced last time, is now available from me
price: 13 euros

Bass Communion & Freiband - VL Tones (3CD, Tonefloat)
This year I have been working a lot with Steven Wilson on processing Casio recordings and this resulted in massive 2CD set, plus an additional third disc of bonus pieces, in total some three hours of music. Tonefloat from Rotterdam released and did a great job.
Price: 24,99

Modelbau - All Things (cassette, Invisible City Records)
I have no copies to sell, but you can get it from the label
It is a pay-as-you-like download

Quest - (A) Quarter miniCDR for Taalem
will be released on December 3, so maybe I will some copies, but maybe better hold onto to them for January 1st? There are two versions, one in a mini jewel case (which I always get from the label when I write about their music) and one with mini digipack. I have no idea what the price will be and how many I will get. Most likely not a lot.

This Is supposed to be a record label
my book of my time in staalplaat. hot seller. really. who would have thought I would ever use those words?
they are 12,50 including postage a piece, but combined with other stuff the price is 9,50 euros

Human Hood will release a 5” Modelbau lathe cut record in an edition of 20 copies only. Not the cheapest item in the world, but worthwhile to have, I guess. I will have no copies to sell of this, following the ones I promised a few die-hard fans. I think it’s still available, so get them while they last

to be released somewhere in the near to a bit further away future:

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard LP
Frans de Waard - (writing about) music (1989-2014) (book)
Vital 1-44 (book with reprints of all issues of Vital, 1986-1995)
Modelbau - Vanity cassette by Astipalea
Quest - (an) Exterior CD/cassette for Infraction Records December 2019
Frans de Waard & Martijn Comes - Various Weights CD (Moving Furniture Records) (2020)
Modelbau - The Beginning/The End (double cassette, Humanhood, May 2020)
Modelbau - Arcadia (lathe cut 5”, Humanhood, Feb 2020)
Z’EV & Frans de Waard & Peter Johan Nijland - cassette for Orphanology
Modelbau - Travelers (cassette, Park70 records) December 2019
BJ Nilsen, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & Frans de Waard - Three Options CD (Some) February 2019
Tech Riders - Of Lost The Ark (cassette, Ikuisuus, 2020)

Labels wanted!

Wander recorded a flexidisc for Pythagoras Records may not happen sadly enough. could be a great 7”. we can even do a b-side!
Modelbau/Orphax split
Richard Francis & Frans de Waard LP or CD
Miguel A. Garcia & Frans de Waard finished a collaborative work that spans 2 CDs/CDRs
Pick-up - Einder (final recordings from 2010)

3. Digital Music - keep checking for new titles (on some of them I keep adding new music as well as backcatalogue!)

4.  and finally, this months items:

14666    11min    Snow    7    Gruenrekorder    LP    Experimental    vg   

14632    Astatine    Global Exposure    4    Sound In Silence    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14645    Atkins, Matt    A Garden Of Solitude    4    Rusted Tone Recordings    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14657    Atkins & Andrew Ciccone, Matthew    Stoke_Newtic W Ancient Drachma    4    Minimal Resource Manipulation    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14663    Badrutt, Gaudenz    Ganglions    7    Aussenraum    LP    Experimental    vg   

14661    D.C.P.    Pigeon    6    Paco Et Gigi Records    "10"""    Experimental    vg    lathe cut

14646    Drakes, Valance    An Angel in Alliance With Falsehood    3    Amek    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14642    Drumm & Adam Golebiewski, Kevin    The Last Minute Or Later    6    Uznam    CD    Experimental    vg   

14630    Eide, Espen Sommer    The Waves    6    Sofa Music    CD    Experimental    vg   

14637    Fetal Zulu    Tracts    4    Rural Colours    miniCDR    Experimental    vg   

14656    Food Party    same    3    Cosmovision Registros Andinos    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14650    Fordell Research Unit    Perichoresis    3    Invisible City Records    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14628    Form    mHz    5    Kasuga Records    SD card    Experimental    vg   

14652    Jun, Yan    Postcards    3    Crustaces Tapes    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14638    McKechnie, Alex    Degrees Of Latitude    4    private    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14633    Memory Drawings    Phantom Lights    4    Sound In Silence    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14639    Mrs. Dink    Diabolique    4    Degenerate Trifecta    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14664    Navel    Ambient 2, in space    7    Cosmic Winnetou    LP    Experimental    vg   

14667    Nieto, Mikel R.    A Soft Hiss Of This World    9    Gruenrekorder    Flexi + Book    Experimental    vg   

14659    Perfect Vacuum    I Must Not Think Bleak Thoughts    7    Blowpipe    LP    Experimental    vg   

14634    Peters & Fabio Anile, Michael    Presence    6    Audiobulb    CD    Experimental    vg   

14641    Pica    Psychedelic Technoise    3    Degenerate Trifecta    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14648    Placido & Fritz Welch, Olivier di    Special Report From The End Of Time    3    private    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14643    Rasmussen, Rune Kjaer    Behind Ferns    4    private    CDR    Experimental    vg   

14651    Samartzis & Eric LaCasa, Philip    Captured Space    3    Cronica Electronica    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14665    Schaufelberger & Christian Wolfarth, Philipp    Discover Anthrolpology    7    Wide ear Records    LP    Experimental    vg   

14635    Schlienz, Gunther    Island    4    Feathered Coyote Records    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14636    Schlienz, Gunther    Icelandic Tapes    4    Hnagover Central Station    Cassette    Experimental    New   

14644    Seino, Takumi    Piled Distance - Book Apple 2    6    Voice Of Silence    CD    Experimental    vg   

14647    Sub Loam    Excavted Relics    3    private    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14660    Torba    Musique Inconcrete    7    Fragment Factory    LP    Experimental    vg   

14649    Vampyres    Embers Of Destruction    3    Invisible City Records    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14658    Various Artists    Responses    4    Minimal Resource Manipulation    CDR    Experimental    New   
with: Phil Julian, Littoral Transmissions, Iris Garrelfs, John Macedo, Brigitte Hart, Martin Clarke, Phil Maguire and Blanc Sceol

14662    Various Party    The Dulcet Sound Of Fiction    4    Human Hood    "7"""    Experimental    vg   
withL: Asochious,  Ben Traugher, Gravespit, Jonathan Hancock, Brett Barry, None, JAS2, Atticus Coleman, Tender

Mercy, Patient? and Thaniel Ion Lee
14654    West, Aaron    Next Year Maybe, When I See You Again    3    private    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14655    West, Aaron    He Wore Different Shoes    3    private    Cassette    Experimental    New   

14653    West & Brian Manley, Aaron    Sociological Liver Pills    3    Obsolete Staircases    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14640    Xentone    Forensic Beats    3    Degenerate Trifecta    Cassette    Experimental    vg   

14631    xqm/Emerge/LDX#40    Session #43 Recomposed    3    Attenuation Circuit    CD    Experimental    vg    cd in promo jewel case

14629    Ynaktera & Kenta Kamiyama    Notturno    4    Stocjastic Resonance    CDR    Experimental    vg   

plus these from Dolf, not on Discogs. 4,5 per CD. 3 per CDR
ZEN BASTARDS – Live from the Sky Bar - 2003
BRILLIANT DULLARDS – The Defector – High Mayhem
ROLNICK, NEIL – Fish Love That – Deep Listening - 2002
EDDIE THE RAT – Insomnia Sound Bible – Edgetone - 2007
STOP BY FEAR – Momentum into Nothingness – Tequa – 2005
KJETIL MULETID TRIO – What you thought was home – Rune Grammofon
RECONNAISSANCE FLY - Flower Futures – Edgetone EDT 4139 – 2014
BIMSTEIN, PHILLIP - Larkin Giffords Harmonica - Starkland ST-214 - 2006 -
GLANZMANN, VINCENT - Z/Rzw-Shiiii/---thehidden – Through States of Matter  - 2018
OGNI SUONO -    Saxovoce – New Focus Recordings FCR 213 – 2018
VIGELAND, NILS & DANIEL LIPPEL & JOHN POPHAM & REIKO FÜTING - Through which the past shines – New Focus Recordings FCR 204P – 2018
SEINO, TAKUMI - Frozen Dust – Vos 635 – 2011
JOKER -Chorale Bruitiste – Ambiances Magnetiques AM 234 CD – 2016
ROSENBLUM, MATHEW - Lament/Witches’Sabbath – New Focus Recordings FCR 219 CD – 2018
CARLAS, MARIA & MYLO CYWITZ - 31337 – Plattegrond – 2018

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