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0. Fees.
Right! Nobody likes fees of any kind, certainly not when it ends up in the coffers of some financial institution. So if you trust me enough not to rip you off, especially all my long serving customers, I'd like to ask you to choose 'send money to friend' option in paypal. I don't pay anything to paypal, which is nice. It no longer shows your address, so make sure to send me an e-mail with your most current address.
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1. forthcoming concerts:

The whole month of February I will present an ‘installation’ at De Groen in Arnhem, the Netherlands, as Modelbau. Basically it is just music and there are easy surroundings to sit back and listen. It will be a long work! more information later on (Max Kuiper will present his music for the whole month of Januaay and Torsten Soltau in March).

2. The latest releases…:

Quest - An Exterior
finally the standard CD arrived!  Beautiful cover by Bertin van Vliet
price: 10 euro

Pool Pervert & Modelbau - Umbau
CDR by Non-Interrupt
I delivered some  Modelbau sounds and Pool Pervert did the whole mix and it sounds very Modelbau like.
Price: 7 euro

to be released somewhere in the near to a bit further away future:

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard LP
Modelbau - Vanity cassette by Astipaleat
Modelbau - Fading, cassette by Important Drone Records
Modelbau - cassingle Superpolar taips
Modelbau - Insomniac's Dream CDR/cassette by Aphelion
Modelbau - Sway cassette by Sounds Against Humanity 2022
Modelbau - cassette by Cosmic Winnetou summer 2022
Modelbau - tba book 10 years of modelbau summer 2022
Modelbau/Scanner 2LP moving furniture
Martijn Comes & Frans de Waard - Equal Weights CD Moving furniture

Labels wanted!

Pick-up - Einder (final recordings from 2010)
Kozo Inada/Frans de Waard CD
WaSm - Drie CDR /CD

3. Digital Music - keep checking for new titles (on some of them I keep adding new music as well as backcatalogue!)

Tesendalo - Wendezeit
Originally an LP by Korm Plastics. Now remastered by Nyland @ 4Rising

4.  and finally, this months items:

15373    Jakob Schauer    In Death I'm Caressing You    4    for wind    CDR    Experimental    New   
15369    Ander    ... Portwa Wiecznie    6    Zoharum    CD    Experimental    New   
15359    Another Headache    Still Nothing definte    4    SPH    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15385    Aria Eostami    Maramar    3    private    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15368    Awk Wah    Diatom    4    private    CDR    Experimental    New   
15377    Bearhug    Another Bearhug    3    Art Sun    CDR    Experimental    New
15371    But I'm Not    Daemon Traces    6    Silence Is Not Empty    CD    Experimental    New   
15360    Choloniewski, Tomek    Music To Make Your Body Suffer    7    Bolt    CD/DVD    Experimental    New   
15374    Circle Of Shit    Romance Through The Body    6    Aussaat        Experimental    New   
15367    Cloudfish    But is It Art?    6    Trytone    CD    Experimental    vg   
15381    Dart Drug    Recovery Tapes Vol. 1    3    Nause De Vivre    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15383    David Parker/Elizabeth Millar    split    3    Vacancy Niagara    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15380    Distant Fires Burning    Inperspectycon    6    Audiobulb    CD    Experimental    New   
15379    Eric LaCasa    Everyday Unknown    6    Smarming    CD    Experimental    New
15389    Gana2    Fata For Gana    3    Apport    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15365    Hadow & Dirk Serries, George    Chapel    6    Creative Resources    CD    Experimental    New   
15386    Kyke Jessen    Make The Right Man Bleed    3    Gertrude Tapes    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15375    L'Eclipse Nue    A Defective Man/Torn Spectral Lens    6    Aussaat    CD    Experimental    New    dent in metal case
15384    M. Nomized & Pool Pervert    Soul Mirror    3    Noninterrupt    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15364    Meyohas, Philippe    Em Claustro, Em Tormenta    5    A Casa    CD    Experimental    New    cover has bends
15363    Murphy, Genevieve    I Don't Want To Be An Individual    6    Unsounds    CD    Experimental    New   
15387    Ocean/Rhizomatika    Permaculture Umana    3    Fango Radio Editions    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15362    ODD    Offensive Defiant Disorder    6    FCR    CD    Experimental    New   
15388    Oorchach    Instinct    3    Apport    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15366    Owczarek & Peter orins, Paulina    You Never Know    6    Circum Disc    CD    Experimental    New   
15391    R.A.S.    Sandpapier & Meeressauschen    7    De fabriek    CDR    Experimental    New    CDR , cassette and booklet
15361    Sanders, Rick    Traverse    6    No Beat    CD    Experimental    New   
15378    Sergio Araroli    Mahler (in/a) Cage    6    Gruenrekorder    CD    Experimental    New   
15370    Sphyxion    3    6    Zoharum    CD    Experimental    New   
15390    Thelxinoe    Inner Subspace    3    Avalance    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15372    Trio_Io    New Animals    6    Antenna Non Grata    CD    Experimental    New   
15382    Wiarda, Ines    Recovery Tapes Vol. 1    3    Nause De Vivre    Cassette    Experimental    New   
15376    William St Hugh    The Cracking Ship        private    CDR    Experimental    New

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