Bass Communion / Freiband - The Next Room (flexi-disc single)

This is the fourth collaborative release by Steven Wilson (Bass Communion) and Frans de Waard (Freiband), following two 3"CD releases, and a live release on Important Records.

This time it's quite a strange and unique one, with the only release being on old fashioned flexi-disc single. 'The Next Room' is part of a series of flexi-discs called 'Phantom Plastics' which focus on sound works created from EVP recordings (electronic voice phenomena, or capturing unexplained voices on tape), by many leading experimental musicians since 2011. Steven previously explored this phenomenon on his classic Bass Communion album 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape'.

The source EVP material was provided by Phantom Plastics curator Michael Esposito and reworked and transformed by Bass Communion and Freiband into 2 unsettling sound design works. Both artists contributed to both pieces, but each had final control over one side of the disc. The flexi-disc is of course not an audiophile format, but the noise / crackle from the disc contributes to the ghostly effect of voices and sounds breaking through from another dimension.

Strictly limited to 275 copies on flexi-disc, we have only a few copies. Total playing time approx 11 minutes.


A. The Next Room part I (final assembly by Bass Communion)
A. The Next Room part II (final assembly by Freiband)

This flexi is available for 11 euros including worldwide shipping. You can pay with paypal. Send an e-mail to order