Black Friday, huh? Forget the thieves of free market forces and buy from your true independent shops. Now enjoy a 20% discount on any order done before December 8, 23:59 CET. This is for all the stuff on my Discogs account, no discount on the current list and only when ordered and paid for outside Discogs. Send me an e-mail with your request and with the subject 'Black Friday Discount' and we'll take it from there.

I am doing this discount action with Alfred Boland and here are his various Discogs accounts;
we love to combine your order!

check out his accounts

for wave, punk, 70’s, 80’s, dub, pop, rock

for classic rock, prog rock, symphonic rock, hardrock

for ambient, experimental, weirdo, postpunk and such

as a side business Alfred sells a truckload of cheap DVD’s to get you through the holiday season, so check em here:

Hold on! That's not all, folks:

Alfred was involved in a book, I did one as well, why not do this:
bonus items Inktvingers only €15 when ordering over €50, softcover reissue of This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label for €8 on any order.

check out almost the same text from Alfred as this one but with a slight modification and extra discount on ancient Discogs entries

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